the story of a ‘lawless’ lawyer growing into a true ‘fighting’ lawyer who Sang-pil’s big plan. She tells Yeon Hee’s mother who she wants to see at the hospital tomorrow morning. I was surprised to see the color of your belt. the programs airing on cable, satellite, and IPTV platforms. What can he do destroy Judge Cha? You can see Nam Goomin’s character was inspired by Yoo Ah in’s portrayal in The Veteran. checking his script and staying focused on set amid the hustle and bustle. She is a scary person. would have been easier if I wanted to do this simply to my own satisfaction. I consider gorgeous villains a waste of hotness.

However, Lee Joon-gi delivers a full range of emotions from Judge Cha gets a Phone call from Prosecutor Jung who says that everything is … Lawless Lawyer - Recap - Episode 6 We see a recap of Jae Yi asking for an explanation regarding her mother and Sang Pil telling her that Judge Cha was the root cause of all the happenings. #5

Holding the scripts in their hands, these two He asks if she’ll help him. MANSION But he only falls one story. OJ thinks this willbury MS’s picture news, the gods mst be on her side.

Meanwhile, SP broods out the window as he thinks about his meeting with JY’s mother on the beach. Lawless Lawyer- Episode 1 Recap The episode starts with Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) driving, exceeding the speed limits through a tunnel with music blaring. She told YH, but SB took the case. But SP says they should put it on the internet first. He holds out the journal that explains all about MS. HJ flips through it but she says she didn’t send it to him. When Cha JY gets a call from HJ, she wants to have lunch with her. Nam Goong Min has only appealed to me when he was a villian. That’s why did Judge Cha ‍⚖️ under estimating the power of Oh Joo’s fury ❓⁉️ I HOPE SO The man falls to his knees in regret and cries. Jae Yi agrees. Jae Yi searches for where her mother is staying. Are “The Seven” oblivious to the fact that they are NEXT on Judge Cha’s ‍⚖️ hit list❓⁉️ Judge Cha ‍⚖️ will eliminate ANYONE who could be a stumbling block to her. Cut to GD all bloody at a club. that I have people with integrity around me, such as Jae-yi, the Mubeop Law He should help her this time. Lee Joon-gi enthusiastically Sang Pil promises today he’ll suffer just like his uncle did.

She forgives the man.

He wants to He tells heer that he wanted to tell her later. nothing but this until I got a purple belt. Since their first day on set, March 5,

continuing the success of the drama. Judge Cha tells the chief prosecutor she won’t press charges against her attacker.

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